This is Pumpkin.

The stray we called Pumpkin…

It’s not the cat’s real name but we didn’t know what else to use since she didn’t have a collar, and was very, very lost.

Ok, here’s the story:
Last night we found a stray that had – according to the neighbors – been lost for some days, so we took pity on it and brought it into our home to keep it safe till we could have Animal Control come get it. They came around lunch time today and hopefully it won’t be too long till she is reunited with her owners.

The experience was a brief glimpse into pet ownership, the second such encounter since the week we inadvertently found ourselves with a pet sushi crab (don’t ask). Needless to say, it was fun… some of the time.

What’s that up there…?

The cat liked to explore, climbing all over the computer keyboard while I tried to google for a local shelter or Animal Control unit in the area. She would climb on top of everything, over everything, under (loves hiding under the bed, apparently) and slept very peacefully at the foot of our bed until hubby got up, then she decided she wanted lots of affection.

She was quirky, I’ll say that much for her.

And, much as it was interesting having another creature around while hubby was at work, I needed eyes in the back of my head because she was into *everything* and it didn’t take long before I heard a suspicious rustling, or a thud or other such noise.

Anyhoo, she is now safely tucked away at the shelter, our good deed has been done, and we can go off now to de-fur the apartment, find a way to expel the aroma of tuna from the place, while trying to remember how a golf ball got to find its way under the refrigerator.

That’s as much of being a a pet owner as I think we can handle.

Ok, now *this* I can do…

And now we are done.