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Allowing for suffering.

This is a beautiful and raw look at what faith looks like while you’re suffering. ❤️💔

And Then She Was Free.

Who first said “Time heals all wounds”? Was it Shakespeare?

Whoever it was, they lied. Wounds don’t simply go away, they need dealing with.

It’s one of those revolting bromides that serve only the speaker in the face of another’s pain. A platitude surely sibling to other such unhelpful phrases as:

“It could be worse! Lucky you.”

Or, “It’s not as bad as you think.”

Or, “Calm down, getting upset isn’t going to help.”

Or, “I’m sure they didn’tmeanit.”

Or, “Brave girl, no more tears!”

Or finally, “Don’t cry, dear heart. The milk is spilt.”

What is it about another’s suffering that plants in the human heart such a profound desire to minimise? Isn’t it just about the discomfort of the observer?

Ironically, Christians can be among the worst offenders.

“Well,praisetheLord!They beam as you weep your guts out.God is in control and He…

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