Here’s my quick review.

I’m three episodes into the Netflix show Insatiable and it’s bananas. I know there’s a huge hullabaloo about it being fat shaming but I really thing people are missing a huge part of the story. She was fat and now she’s thin, but she’s seeing that thin isn’t magic. And she’s also insane. And insecure. And her mom is an alcoholic. And she doesn’t trust compliments. Or attention. And she can’t see how great her friend is because she’s so distraught over her life and how she sees herself that good things are a blank, basically. It’s satire, so it is so over the top you’ll roll your eyes hard enough to see yesterday, and the storylines are mental as though a soap opera got drunk and rolled around in butt tape and bleach strips and thought smiling too hard somehow made you come across as a nice person. Seriously. You just kind of watch it going wow, seriously.

But then there are moments when you, if you’re me, relate. Not feeling worth much. Not feeling wanted. Not sure who you are if you’re not how you’ve been defined your whole life. The story might be ridiculous but those moments actually make it kind of sad and sweet.

It’s satire. And it’s cheesy and obnoxious, and frankly it makes you hate everything that is anything to do with pageants. But the anxiety of trying to find your own identity really nails it.

So there you go.