Sometimes you feel like you’re having a bad day. And then you realize someone else is having less fun than you are, which puts it all into perspective. Here’s how hubs spent his morning:

Yup. He’d been on the phone a while and was getting a little frustrated. Did you know Dell’s call center is in the Philippines? And that the staff at the call center will hang up on you rather than talk to you, especially if it looks like your call isn’t going to be an easy one? Well, neither did I.

So I started eavesdropping his conversation, and live-tweeting his adventures, hoping maybe that someone at Dell might step in and offer to help. And here’s how it went:

I checked out the Dell twitter page to see who else I might be able to contact to speed this along for him, and sent this tweet:

No reply right away (because tweeting is like yelling into a storm and hoping someone can hear you), so I posted a bit more about how the call was going.

Yes, the girl wanted hubs to go through the whole help ticket as though it was the first time she’d heard it, and then put him on hold to go see if there were any solutions she could offer. Not quite the support he was looking for, but at least she’s looking for answers.

That’s right. She gave hubs her own customer service section’s number to have in case he ever needs tech support. Now we’re onto a new person who wants him to start over.

My favorite zinger:

And once more on hold.

Once more with feeling:

A tweet from Dell:

I’m so excited I almost break the 140 characters trying to reply:

Then the lovely people at Dell Cares Pro step in:

Meanwhile I’m updating the conversation over at #AdventuresWithDell:

We’re getting somewhere:


Now I know how things are going on the phone with help person number 4, I tweet Dell Cares Pro back:

We got it sorted:

Which makes Dell Cares Pro very happy:

They like our high praise 🙂

Hubs, finally off the phone after more than an hour with Dell tweets his thoughts: