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It’s finally stopped raining here in Southern California and today’s blue sky is a welcome sight. This week, as I’ve tried to shake off whatever this under-the-weather thing that has afflicted me and a number of my friends, I’m taking a long look at last year, and breathing in this fresh new one along with all the promises it brings.

Nelson Mandela Courage QuoteI realize that much of last year was spent creating new goals for myself, not least when I picked up archery once again, having enjoyed it back in my high school days. The feel of the bow in my hand and hearing the thuck of my arrow hitting the target was all kinds of wonderful. Of course, a tiny part of my rekindling the archery romance might be my love for Hawkeye and having spent last year binge-reading my way through Marvel’s Hawkeye comics, I still tell myself it was mostly nostalgia. Mostly.

Annie Bergin Archery

And then there’s Hapkido. In 2014 I had extensive knee surgery which led to a year of intensive therapy to get the mobility back. Last year I started taking Hapkido and working with Master Sayed at the American Hapkido Karate Academy to build up its strength, with the added bonus of learning a martial art in the process. In May I achieved my first belt (Orange) and was very excited. After a few knee setbacks which saw me return to class in the fall, I ended the year with my much-anticipated second belt, Yellow.

I finished the year with new headshots by the fantastically talented Mark Atteberry and his eye for detail is incredible, as verified by his amazing Instagram (so it’s not just me being biased). The next few months will include marketing them to casting directors in the hopes of unlocking many new auditions for me.

Quite a few people see 2016 as the year that hated us, bringing with it losses like the wonderful Alan Rickman, Nancy Reagan, David Bowie, Victoria Wood, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds to name but a few. Though it’s hard not to attribute human emotions onto the passage of time, 2016 has certainly dealt an unfair share of punches and I, for one, am glad the year is behind us.

One of the most emotional blog contributions I’ve submitted to this blog site was written last summer. In it I spoke of how the events of my past were once the core of my existence and how I let it shape and define every part of my life but that I was now choosing to no longer allow My Story to be my defining. I called the blog, “Live in the lower case“.

The fallout from this blog was unexpected. While the majority of those who read it were deeply moved by my honesty, this reaction wasn’t universal. I learned that while I was choosing to move forward with confidence, there were a few I once wanted to be close to who instead took umbrage at My Story, for they believe such things are meant to be kept in the darkness and not brought into the light. I’m sad to say that their support and understanding was not forthcoming.

I made the difficult decision to draw a line in the sand and walk away from these lifelong connections for the betterment of my soul and my future, and entered into the new year released from the burden of twisting myself into a pretzel of their defining. Though a part of me is pained by the estrangement, there is a sense of liberation within myself that I can now live my life according to my own definitions.

While the earth dries from the storms of the last few weeks, and while we each find our groove as we navigate this new year, I hope each of you pray for the courage to chase new challenges, and the strength to leave behind anything that is detrimental to your story.

Much love and Happy New Year



Live in the lower case

There was a lot of wonderful feedback from this blog post, and I wanted to share it again for those who may have missed it. Last year I made myself the promise to embrace my story while not letting it define me. With a new year, and plenty of new opportunities just waiting to be embraced, I am reminding myself that I am more than my story. I’m living my life in the lower case.

Thank you all for your wonderful support.


Annie Bergin's Blog

Everyone has something that defines them. Whether it is something heroic, or a challenge they’ve overcome, or a spectacular failure they vow never to repeat, we all have something. It’s the yard stick we measure all else against, but sometimes it’s a pain we fiercely hold onto lest we forget its lessons and find ourself knee deep in the very thing we’ve spent our whole lives running from.

I call mine, My Story.

It was a long time ago now, but My Story begins when I was ten years old. I was sexually abused by someone with authority over me. He raped me once, and I remember staring at the corner of the doorframe as the world crushed against my chest and my legs, while I willed my mind to imagine what it would feel like to be a tiny bug crawling up the doorframe. There was no option to…

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I announced the presidential election results on my facebook with the phrase:

We did a Brexit

And that’s how it feels. Our nation, and indeed the world was watching with bated breath as each electoral college vote was tallied to the other, ready to cross that almost elusive 270 threshold. There were angry and heated discussions on social media throughout the campaign but, in the end, the electoral college count went to Donald Trump. He is our President-Elect.




I believe Sanders would have beaten Trump in a landslide victory of both electoral college votes and popular votes. But, it seems, his own party sabotaged him.


I love how we are free to have opinions that differ, and that there is no law or suppression of those voices thanks to our Founding Fathers who built for us a Constitutional Republic whose foundation is our very freedom.


Wikileaks and Project Veritas were just two of the reasons that I believe Clinton didn’t win. Benghazi was another. The FBI investigations were another. You can read more opinions on why folks believe Trump won here, here, and here.

So here are my thoughts:


America, like us, isn’t defined by a single part of its story. 


Brexit happened because those with the power refused to listen and understand those casting the votes. And now history repeats itself as those feeling ignored voted for the candidate that actually heard them. Temper tantrums will not change this. They only serve to show how a vote like this came to be. 

It’s going to be an interesting four years.

I’m deeply proud of my country. I am humbled and honored to find a home here, and to feel so welcome within the fascinatingly diverse citizenry. I love how we are free to have opinions that differ, and that there is no law or suppression of those voices thanks to our Founding Fathers who built for us a constitutional republic whose foundation is our very freedom.

I love my home. Sure it can be frustrating, but it’s still greater than the sum of its parts. America, like us, isn’t defined by a single part of its story. 

So today I plan to tune out the riots, the threats of impeachment to our President-Elect, and the talk of changing the Electoral College where only the votes that matter should be counted. They are First Amendment protected speech, and those expressing them are more than welcome to bask in them for as long as they deem necessary.

But I have a book to write.

God bless our President and our President-Elect. Here’s to a smooth transition and a continued expression of respect and calm.

I love you, America.
God bless.


While rejection is hard, venting cruel blogs about those you want to work with is worse.

In the Inbox

A man named David Benjamin was unhappy an agent rejected him. He wrote a bitter blog post.

I’m providing this because I want you to know that people like this exist. Agents frequently have to protect themselves from this kind of abuse. The industry is small and agents pass this kind of thing on to each other. Note that this is not his first bitter post about an agent who rejected him.

I’ve provided the 3 screen-caps of his short blog post and 3 screen caps of the 6 comments, taken at 11am, July 27, 2016.

A link to his original post is provided at the bottom of this post.

Warning to others blacklist david benjamin blog post screen cap 1Warning to others blacklist david benjamin blog post screen cap 2Warning to others blacklist david benjamin blog post screen cap 3Warning to others blacklist david benjamin blog post screen cap 4Warning to others blacklist david benjamin blog post screen cap 5Warning to others blacklist david benjamin blog post screen cap 6

Original post is on his blog here.

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