I posted something on Facebook the other day that seemed to resonate with people, so I thought I would share it here in the hope others can be inspired by it.

[Facebook, September 2nd, 2012] After an interesting night, in which I learned I am not as breakable as I thought, I look on today as a new day for reflection and evaluation. I have many friends who are family, whose love has pulled me through darkness and whose brutal bursts of honesty have honed and shaped me into who I am today. But sometimes there are times in a friendship where you have to decide to do what’s best for you. When it gets toxic, and when it gets to the point where your comfort and peace are broken, that’s when you have to step back and ask yourself if it’s a friendship worth fighting for. Some of them are. And some of them are not. So today I give thanks for my friends that I love, who continue to love me – flaws and all – and who keep me humble. I give thanks to God for a husband who is my best friend, my love, my comfort and my heart’s desire. And I give thanks for my wacky, adorable dogs who love me even if I don’t see myself the way they do. Not everyone in your life gets to be there forever, but they all leave footprints on your heart. They shape us, better us, push us to new extremes, and show sides of ourselves we never knew was there. To those still here, I love you dearly. And to those who’ve gone from my heart I say, “thank you”. For, without you, I would be a lesser version of me. xoxo