I thought I’d give a special shoutout to my lovely friend, Susan Tschudi who wrote (and recently published) “Loving Someone with ADD”. Check it out at Amazon.com and join the Facebook Page. I got it for my hubby – and snuck a quick read of it myself – and it is fantastic. For anybody who doesn’t know, I have ADHD, You can read my blog about it here, and we actually worked out that was what it was thanks to Susan and her lovely husband, Craig. Understanding how an ADHD brain works is hard enough when you have ADD, but it must be frustrating and challenging for the lovely spouse or family member who has to live with you. We/I come across as flaky, distracted, forgetful and kind of selfish, but we don’t mean to be. Most of the time we/I try really hard but fall short of other people’s expectations when it comes to something as simple as remembering load the dishwasher. Or empty the dishwasher. Or feed the dogs. Or remember where we left our keys. Or eat lunch. Or finish the book(s) we started reading months ago. Or –, or –, you get the idea.

We’re wired differently and think differently, are easily bored and have, for all intents and purposes, the attention span of a 4 year old. It’s great if you can jump into a career that utilizes the abundance of creativity and energy you have to spare, but not so much when you have a job that isn’t challenging or rewarding, and makes every minute feel like an hour and a half of torture. Understanding someone with ADHD can be really hard, especially as a spouse or loved one. Just ask my hubby if you don’t believe me 😉

Anyway, go get her book. It’s great, helpful, interesting and full of wonderful information that helps explain and draw understanding of why ADHD people are the way they are, and how to bridge communication and patience over our quirky personalities and annoying/charming traits so that you don’t always feel like the bad guy or the parent in an otherwise wonderful, sometimes challenging but overall pretty great relationship with the ADHD person.