I’ve wanted to write a post for a while about my opinion on gay marriage (I’m for it), about prop 8 (I’m against it), and how I just can’t get my head around why there are so many religious types trying to say that the world will end if gay people are allowed to get married. It doesn’t make any sense to me, and I consider myself quite a smart person. Today I had opportunity to post a picture to my Facebook profile which made me smirk, and it turned into a very involved and passionate debate on homosexuality and the bible. At one point I was asked to weigh in and, dutifully, added my 2 cents worth.

[My friend] ‎has the best argument when he said: The bible notes slavery as an accepted part of society from which it’s referenced. If we agree now that slavery is barbaric and out of sync with societies norm today — then perhaps we need to reconsider homosexual relationships in a similar light.

There are many who would use the bible to judge others, to hold others to a standard they would not like to be held to themselves. There are many great Christians who don’t do that, but there are many who do. Just as there are many great Muslims who do not fall under the stereotype of being a religious extremist. There are many religions and many beliefs, which ultimately seem to culminate in the same, unifying belief system: Love others as you want to be loved; Treat people with the same respect you would ask of them in return; Show fellowship and grace; and Lead by example.

I posted the picture because I got a kick out of it. Call me a heathen if you want (I’ve heard it before, lol) but it bugs me like crazy when people use the bible as a weapon against someone else. I’ve heard many times people say “God told me to tell you – (insert inappropriate judgment here)”. Or “the bible says – (insert scathing argument here)”. But, quite frankly, if you’re going to bible-quote me, I’m going to dig up all the obscure bible references, take *them* out of context in the same way, and say “well, guess what, the bible *also* says – (insert sarcastic answer here)”.

Using [my friend]’s point, I believe that the current views on homosexuality are evolving, just as the views on slavery evolved and changed till we ended up with the wonderful Emancipation Proclamation. It grinds me to hear religious leaders and people professing to be Christian say that gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage. All they’re trying to do, in my opinion, is deny gay people the right to describe their union (which is the same as mine) as “marriage”. It’s a word recognized all across the world and brings about an understanding that the union being spoken of is between two people who love each other, who promise to be together, monogamous, till death do they part. It may or may not involve having kids but one of the oft used arguments against it is that gay people can’t have kids therefore it isn’t really marriage. Well guess what, a heck of a lot of people can’t have kids, but you don’t see their marriages being annulled. Marriage is a union, a covenant before God, or in front of a judge or other official person, where a person promises to be loyal and loving to another, no matter what.

I have no problem with people being gay. I work in an industry where some of the most creative, influential, inspiring, wonderful people are gay. I have no problem with it, and I have no problem with them. They don’t ask me to be gay, and they don’t expect me to be gay for being their friend. All they ask is to be respected. And I do. The bible says a lot of things, and many of the ‘popular’ bible quotes used in the arguments I read online a lot are snippets taken out of context and re-explained. And I’m not okay with that.

Be gay if you want, I don’t mind, nor do I care. As long as you are a decent human being, you can do pretty much whatever you want and believe pretty much whatever you want. If you think homosexuality is a sin, fine by me. But remember this – its the sin, not the sinner. People are people. Telling them they are sinners will not endear them to you. It will not open their ears and their hearts to the wonderful word of God who asks that we love our neighbors as ourselves. It’s very hard to be a light unto the world when we’re so busy snuffing out the flames we don’t agree with.

And if you don’t dialogue, and bridge an understanding, how can you then fully shape the arguments of your opinions and find peace (not anger) with views that differ from yours.

I’m quite sure the Emancipation Proclamation was quite controversial in its day. And I’m quite sure that affording homosexuals the same, equal rights as heterosexuals will be just as ground-breaking.

The world didn’t end when slavery ended. I’m pretty sure the world won’t end the day gays are allowed to get married, and have it recognized equally across the whole USA.

That is all 🙂