308992_325178714162986_1173945033_n I called the shelter about this little puppy because I saw the facebook post and it broke my heart. It still devastates me to even look at it now. He caught parvo and they had to put him down. I want to cry so much. I just want to hug him, the poor little guy. I’m so heartbroken for him.

There are so many dogs in the shelters, and a lot of them are pit bulls. Even though there is a HUGE stigma about pit bulls, they’re beautiful, loving, goofy, adorable dogs that will follow you to the ends of the earth if you’ll let them. If you look at this picture and your heart breaks for this lost little guy, can I make a suggestion…

Not everyone can adopt a dog (we have 2 and if this little guy was still here and they let us have him, we would have had three (sorry, John). There are a lot of opportunities out there to foster dogs, to give them temporary homes and shelter outside these kennels, to show them love and what it means to be part of a family.

And if you can’t adopt them or foster them, you can always volunteer at the shelter. I used to do this a lot and its great. You get your dog fix and you get to interact with these beautiful guys, helping socialize them for their forever home.

There are many, many dogs out there who probably feel all sad and dejected as this beautiful little guy did. If there is ANYTHING you can do, if your heart is moved to, please do. Even if we can’t save them all, we can at least let them know that they are loved and that there is hope.

Because, with hope, all things can be overcome.

RIP beautiful puppy.


He was at the Carson Shelter in Gardena.
His A# was 4367341
216 W. Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248
If you want to talk to this shelter about him, or any of their adoptable dogs, you can call them here: (310) 523-9566

Author’s update: Many sites report that he was euthanized in a mix up with another dog who had parvo and this little puppy did not in fact have parvo himself. I haven’t been able/willing to confirm this because it’s too horrifying to think of. These sites also report his name was Peanut. Whatever the circumstances, he isn’t with us any more. He is in the arms of angels, being loved and cherished as he should have been down here. Rest in peace, little Peanut. We won’t forget you.