Disclaimer: This is a fiction based on the CBS show Diagnosis Murder. All the characters and situations other than my own are the property of CBS and Viacom

The stillness surrounded them. They waited, listening intently to every bump and creak that filled the darkness around them, the musty smell of old fabric and cleaning chemicals smothering the stifling air of their hiding place. Claire could hear her heart hammering in her chest and prayed that they didn’t have to wait much longer. Her head ached and pins and needles tingled through her legs as she half crouched into the corner. Yet still she waited, hugging her rucksack to her chest as she strained to hear any whisper of sound that they were not alone. The tiny shaft of light beneath the door was the only illumination into the room and she watched it intently. Barely a few feet away her friend Laura tightly held the door handle, her ear pressed to the cold wooden surface as she strained to hear anything outside.

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