I was having a great time packing up our apartment in Murrieta, knowing that we were heading back home to Los Angeles and the family and friends we had left behind there. Much as the town that called itself a city was quaint and pretty new, there wasn’t a lot in the way of things to do, unless you liked wine tasting… So, knowing that we were heading to Los Angeles and a brand new chapter in the place I call home, you can imagine that the packing was a pretty mammoth and exciting task.

The funny thing is that, amid all the boxes and the packing and the purging of nik-naks (think “junk”) that we had somehow collected in our year and a half of living in the hottest place in California – my opinion – it also seemed like a good idea to purge some of those email addresses I had acquired since the internet became a must-have tool of communication.

In doing this, the purging of the email addresses, I downloaded and archived a life’s worth of communications between my family and friends that seemed to go back years and years. And I discovered that there were some pictures and messages that I had been sent that I actually forgot I had, but very much enjoyed reading over again.

Take this item that my dad sent me.

Helensburgh Advertiser article


Having been a Publishing Studies student, and worked on the student newspaper, I have done my fair share of interviews and digging for stories, so you can imagine that it was with great amusement I looked back on this interview with our local Helensburgh Advertiser in the UK.

I remember thinking that there was something surreal about being asked my thoughts on the filming in Edinburgh and how funny it was trying to do a “take” while competing with the real world traffic that constantly ignored our attempts at filming some of the scenes on a quiet street… Every dry run was perfect and every time we went for the real shot, the traffic lights changed and the street was filled with a sea of cars that just didn’t seem to want to cease. 🙂

A scene from the video

I do still have dreams of acting in the USA, and want to be on NCIS, Numb3rs and 24 (who doesn’t) even if they are the only shows I ever get to be on, and even if I get killed off in the first 2 minutes. It’s a small and simple ambition, yet I haven’t quite worked out the whole how-to-make-it-happen part.

Ah well, I have time 🙂

A quick note
It is great to be back home. It’s great for so many reasons, and not all of them can be put into words. I also still have to unpack a sea of boxes while deciding where everything is going to go, while trying to achieve a sense of warm homeliness at the same time – no easy task when half the time you are still tearing open boxes wondering which one has the stuff you are looking for. You’d never know I actually labeled the boxes!
My name in print


Anyhoo, I was glad to be able to get the chance to reminisce, if only to measure how far I have come and how much fun I have had getting there.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? If the past is anything to go by, I can guarantee it will be worthy of a blog or two. And maybe even a picture 🙂

A scene from the video