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Originally posted on Variety:

At the age of 66, actor Joe Mantegna shows no signs of slowing down. So though he is being honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on March 28, he admits to wondering where the time went. “These kinds of things always get your attention,” Mantegna says with a laugh. “When I signed up for Medicare, it was like, ‘Oh my goodness, how did I get here?’ Sometimes those years do pass on by and the next thing you know you blink and I’ve realized I’ve been in this business for 40-plus years.”

In the course of those years, Mantegna has proven one of our most reliable character actors, often specializing in roles on one side of the law. Take his current TV gigs as an example: While he stars as FBI agent David Rossi on the CBS hit “Criminal Minds,” he has also been…

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Originally posted on Copyrights and Wrongs:

To The Board Members of the WGA.

My name is Larry Zerner.  I am a copyright attorney in Los Angeles.  In my practice, I represent screenwriters in lawsuits against production companies and studios for copyright infringement.

I am writing to you directly because of something that I believe should be addressed by the WGA and that is the fact that WGA Script Registry is costing your members money and is acting as a detriment, not an asset, to screenwriters. I know that sentence sounds extreme, but please let me explain.

The problem with the Script Registry is that many writers are using it as a substitute for registration with the U.S. Copyright Office.  As a result, in the event that their work is infringed, the writer will almost certainly lose thousands of dollars.  And, in many cases, a writer who only registered with the Script Registry will be precluded from…

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The Cups Song

After a lot of practice and having the song stuck in my head for months, my hard work has resulted in this. I originally posted it on my Facebook page. Enjoy :)

Gmail changes to Google+

Gmail now allowing you to email someone in your Google+ circles without exchanging emails first